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DAB Supplier Sees ‘Significant Expansion’ for Industry Ahead

Frontier Silicon said it has shipped 5 million DAB ICs and modules.

Frontier Silicon said it has shipped 5 million DAB ICs and modules.

The company said it enjoys more than three-quarters of the DAB receiver market and that “with the new DAB+ standard opening new markets for digital radios around the world, Frontier expects DAB/DAB+ exponential growth over the next five years.”

In the U.K., it said, DAB has a listening base of nearly one in five adults; sales have also come from Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium and Switzerland.

“With the recent availability of the new DAB+ standard, several new countries are expected to fully adopt DAB/DAB+ in the coming years,” it stated.

“Australia is launching its digital audio services at the end of next year and many other countries are expected to follow suit soon, including Italy, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Malta, Israel, Hungary, Kuwait, Malaysia and New Zealand, heralding a worldwide move to digital radio based on the Eureka-147 DAB standard.”

Frontier makes a multi-standard module for DAB+/DAB, Wi-Fi and music streaming and a more economical module for mass-market DAB radios. Its recent platforms also feature iPod docking capability.