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Dahl Joked About Tragedy; But He’s Also Fundraising

Dahl Joked About Tragedy; But He's Also Fundraising

Meanwhile, the Chicago Sun-Times reported that host Steve Dahl was “mining the tragedy for comedy” on WCKG(FM). It quoted Dahl earlier this week as “he mused about creating a drink inspired by reports of ‘floating corpses’ in New Orleans.”
The paper also noted Dahl’s Web log, which states, “I have sent away for five pounds of Chocolate Babies to act as ‘floaters’ in the new drink I’ll be inventing this week: The Floating Corpse. … I’m thinking Creme de Cacao, Kahlua, some rum, maybe a little cream and a floating Chocolate Baby.”
Dahl wrote that the comment was not meant to be racist. After the newspaper report appeared, he wrote on his blog the next day, “BTW: I meant floating corpses from coffins, not the people killed in the storm.”
Dahl’s Web site today opens to a pitch for donations to the American Red Cross and includes an essay from another blogger calling for donations.