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Dalet Encodes RealAudio

Dalet Encodes RealAudio

Dalet has integrated the RealAudio encoder into the Dalet5.1 Digital Audio System. This feature provides webcasters the ability to produce a RealAudio Stream direct from a Dalet broadcast workstation.
The Dalet5.1 features customizable RealAudio settings – including bit rate and stereo or mono, RealAudio direct streaming output, simultaneous output and auto-format conversion.
With the On Air Now! package, stations are able to simultaneously broadcast on-line as well as on-air.
On Air Now! works by gathering content and combining audio text and video and prepares it for encoding. The stream is then transmitted across the Internet. The playlist for the program is culled from the Dalet Multimedia Content Warehouse, which stores content provided by Dalet Asset Manager. Any media file – i.e. Real Networks or Windows Media Player – can be encoded through On Air Now!
Dalet plans on releasing other streaming encoders to work with Dalet5.1 and On Air Now!
b. m. cox