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Danagger Plan B Adds Software for Local Insertions

Danagger Plan B Adds Software for Local Insertions

Danagger Audio Works has debuted a software feature to make its Plan B Deluxe dead air prevention device capable of local insertions, automatic bypassing and other automated functions.
The existing Plan B Deluxe can be programmed to play user-defined replacement audio when silence is detected on the main program feed. It detects silence on digital or analog program lines, and can provide replacement audio from CD/DVD, hard drive, Compact Flash or USB storage devices. The system then notifies users of alarm conditions via telephone and email.
A “Plus” option also allows backup audio to be injected from a secondary digital or analog program source.
Plan B Deluxe can now be used to insert local programming during a network break and rejoin the network after the break, in addition to the system’s ability to start playback from an external closure or at a specific time of day. Users can add control elements to a backup playlist to execute commands like “halt playback” and “bypass silence detection.”
The company says the new software will be installed on new systems and available Sept. 6 to current users on an exchange basis. Plan B Deluxe owners receive the new software free of charge if they return the original software to the factory. A download site for the new software also will be set up in September.
Info: here.