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Danes Make Plans for DAB+ Switch

New plan pushes back transition date

The Danish government has altered the timeline for the country’s transition from DAB to DAB+, shifting it to occur between 2016 and 2018, according to Radio.NL.

The country welcomed a new media policy with a strong digital focus in 2012, and one third (1.7 million) of its households currently own a DAB receiver and can listen to stations including Danish public broadcaster DR, Radio 100, Nova FM and MyRock.

In the first phase of the transition, the infrastructure for terrestrial digital radio network will be laid in 2015, enabling all 11 channels of P4, the regional national network of DR to transition to DAB+.

Phase II will start in 2018, converting rural DAB stations to DAB+, although this will be dependent on DAB+ receivers.

Finally, after the DAB+ infrastructure has been completed and digital listening passes half of total hours, and then the government will consider a 2019 FM switchoff date.