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× Promises Tivo-Like Service for Audio

Records off station streams for downloading to mobile devices

A new device from MP3 founder Michael Robertson allows radio listeners to record shows from terrestrial radio stations and save them for later playback on a variety of connected devices.

San Diego-based Robertson has been telling news organizations that his new offering, called “” — DAR, for digital audio recorder — will function like a cloud-based DVR, recording audio (instead of video) at pre-scheduled times.

Other devices on the market record music radio; however records both music and talk.

Robertson tells Bloomberg the free service records audio off a radio station’s website. The device will not record encrypted streams. The entrepreneur has received positive feedback from several large radio groups, according to Bloomberg.

The device is in “Alpha” stage, according to Robertson, who invites feedback but cautions, the device is “a work-in-progress and may stop working or provide odd results.”