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Daschle Joins Clear Channel

New EVP for political strategy

Nathan Daschle is joining Clear Channel’s Washington office as executive vice president for political strategy.

If the name sounds familiar, yes he is the son of former Sen. Tom Daschle. The younger Daschle is himself a Washington-based lawyer, political consultant and social media developer. According to a release, Daschle “will develop and oversee a Washington, D.C.-based team that will focus on working with political and issue advertisers and advertising agencies to develop custom strategies and campaigns” that, naturally, make use of Clear Channel’s 850 stations, iHeartRadio streaming platform and even its billboard business.

Daschle will report to the top man, Chairman and CEO John Hogan. Hogan said, “Having Nathan Daschle on board sends a clear message that we intend to seriously invest in this arena and to continue to provide more and better options for political and issue advertisers through our multiplatform offerings.”

Daschle said, “Political and issue advertising, marketing and events is a $7 billion business, and I’m looking forward to making Clear Channel front and center with politically-focused advertisers and agencies.”