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David Allen Is New President of Howell Labs

Wescott to retire at Shively’s parent company

Howell Laboratories, parent company of antenna maker Shively Labs, said its long-serving President Paul A. Wescott is retiring.

He will be succeeded by CEO David G. Allen.

Wescott has headed Howell Labs since 1977, when he left his law firm to run the company. He also was an early investor.

Allen has been with Howell Laboratories since 1982 in a variety of capacities, working his way up to vice president and COO.

Linda Rollins, Shively director of human resources, said Wescott had guided Shively Labs since its days as a small Maine company.

“Perhaps his greatest accomplishment was in 1995, when he led the restructuring of the company to an ESOP [employee stock ownership plan], something that was unique at the time. We are proud that a current employee has been chosen to continue his visionary leadership.”

Besides owning Shively Labs, Howell Labs is a specialist in shipboard equipment and marine fluid processors and is an equipment supplier to the United States Navy.

Howell Labs was founded in the early 1960s and purchased Shively Labs in 1980.

According to an account in the Bridgton News, Wescott will turn 80 in a few weeks.