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DAWNco Has Splitter/Amplifiers

DAWNco Has Splitter/Amplifiers

DAWNco is offering several models of amplified LNB power/signal splitters.
The DED-774AMPA is a wall-mounted 1×4 splitter/amplifier. The DIVINSUP-2-1X5A is a rack-mounted splitter/amplifier that can connect to two LNBs and split/amplify those signals five ways. The DIVINSUP-1x16AE is a rack-mounted unit that can split/amplify the signal from a single LNB 16 ways.
The manufacturer also is promoting premade fiber cable, made to order with connectors and a pulling eye, which can be used with its Fiberlink system to connect dish-mounted LNBs to receivers over long distances while preventing lightning damage. Also shown at the spring NAB were C- and Ku-band LNBs with super-high stability (+/- 5 kHz), as well as the Starlook satellite channel identifier and SFS16x1 satellite feed selector switch, which can select from up to 16 LNB inputs.