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Day Sequerra Announces HD Broadcast Reference Tuner

Day Sequerra Announces HD Broadcast Reference Tuner

Day Sequerra will begin production of the first of three models of its HD Broadcast Reference tuner in December.
The company is a subsidiary of a firm more familiar to radio stations, ATI – Audio Technologies Inc.
The tuner will begin shipping to dealers after its introduction during the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show.
President David Day said, “This is the first new design from the company that produced the FM Reference tuner.”
The HD Broadcast Reference has a modular design that can receive and distribute up to 10 audio and video signal sources including HD Radio AM and FM broadcasts, HDTV, analog FM broadcasts, analog AM and TV.
Day said the company hopes to be the benchmark receiver for new digital sources like HD Radio, HDTV and satellite.
The modular design lets a customer purchase a two-channel, FM-only M1 unit now and add more broadcast sources later.
Three models will be available.
The M1 has a vacuum florescent display that provides station, channel, RDS, signal strength and RF multipath indications. Broadcast peak and hold LED meters in the M2 indicate RF carrier modulation and audio modulation in dB.
The M2 includes optional broadcast alarm outputs for over-modulation, loss of audio and loss of carrier.
The M3 uses a CRT for oscilloscope indications of center tuning, signal strength and RF multipath as well as audio phase and gain. The Day Sequerra Panalyzer is also an option in the M3.
The company plans other broadcast modules to include satellite radio and streaming Internet audio.