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Day Sequerra Has Performance Loss Module for M2, M4

Day Sequerra Has Performance Loss Module for M2, M4

DaySequerra is debuting a Performance Loss module as an option for its M2 and M4 HD Radio mod monitors.
Using the company’s heuristic DSP algorithms, the module generates alarms when real program silence is detected in HD Radio or analog broadcasts. The company says it is not “fooled” by pink noise or test tones.
The Performance Loss module triggers an alarm on the loss of HD Radio-specific signal attributes such as OFDM modem lock, MPS digital audio, multicast digital audio and incorrect analog delay bit, as well as loss of analog audio (mono or stereo) and RF signal strength.
It has five assignable alarm outputs via 24 VDC 1A SPDT dry-contact relay closures on plug-in Euroblock modular connectors. Set-up and programming is done via the front panel controls and vacuum fluorescent display of the host M2 or M4.