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DaySequerra Announces Mod Monitor Upgrade

M2 and M4 units get performance boosts

DaySequerra has announced an upgrade program for its M2 and M4 HD Radio modulation monitors.

Owners of the M4 will find that the M4.2Si and M4.2 TimeLock upgrades are available. M2.0/2.1/2.2 owners have an M2HDSP upgrade soon to be available.

Upgraded units will renew their three-year warranties. Costs vary, depending on the upgrade, but DaySequerra says it is discounting them heavily.

If all this sounds a little confusing, don’t worry because DaySequerra is using the NAB Show to explain and demo the upgrades for its customers. Visit their booth at N4707.

DaySequerra President David Day explained, “We shipped our first HD Radio AM/FM modulation monitor back in 2005, and by 2010, we had shipped more than 2,000 units to U.S. broadcasters; if you add our M4 series to those numbers, we have well over 3,500 units now on-the-air. Literally every one of those units, no matter how old, can now be upgraded to our latest hardware configuration including new LCD/LEDs and Web server remote as well as fixing all the older, nagging issues. We also program every unit with up-to-date firmware and most recent HD Radio library, and each upgraded unit is covered with a new three-year warranty.”

He added, “From the beginning, we vowed to support every unit we ship for its useful lifetime, and are very proud that we are still upgrading the performance of our very first product, the FM Reference, which is now 25 years old.”