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DaySequerra Has New Mod Monitor, Tuners

DaySequerra has debuted a new modulation monitor and two tuners for HD Radio.

DaySequerra has debuted a new modulation monitor and two tuners for HD Radio.

The M2.2R modulation monitor is based on the M2.0 and gives users more tools to monitor and alarm their HD Radio transmissions such as six programmable dry, floating alarm relays; RBDS and RF multipath displays; FM analog component monitoring including SCA and pilot injection levels and AM noise; a multiplex output for external SCA decoders; Ethernet interface for streaming PAD data or remote control; and Remote Dashboard software, which lets broadcasters remotely tune the unit, alarm key signal parameters and log their data.

The M2.2R also features full-time digital audio output, even when tuned to an analog station.

The M3 tuner contains three separate tuners — AM, FM and HD Radio — in a 2 RU enclosure. Each tuner’s vacuum florescent display shows station frequency, HD-1 through HD-8 PAD data, analog RBDS data, signal strength and multipath. Status indicators confirm HD Locked, Multicast Available, Delay Bit Sent and Tuner Alarm. Each tuner has balanced analog XLR outputs and a transformer balanced digital output.

The M4.2R tuner has many of the features of the M2.2R and also offers alarm functions, including the ability to alarm data and stream PAD from the Ethernet port. Like the M2.2R, the M4.2R features the company’s Performance Loss Module options. These use heuristic algorithms, which the company says cannot be fooled by pink noise or tones, and will generate an alarm when real program silence is detected.