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DaySequerra Issues M2 Service Bulletin

DaySequerra Issues M2 Service Bulletin

DaySequerra has issued a service bulletin to let users know of a potential component problem that may affect certain M2 HD Radio modulation monitors.
President David Day, responding to comments from engineers at Crawford Broadcasting, said his firm recently began hearing of seemingly unrelated, random field failures. DaySequerra traced the problem to an M2 printed circuit board, A2 revision E. The cause was found to be improperly plated holes or “vias” on the A2 PCB. The PCB vendor in question subsequently determined that one of their plating tanks had become contaminated during the production of the bare A2 PCB. The problem manifested itself in M2 units that did not operate or had dead buttons, metering errors, audio loss or “vapor locks.”
DaySequerra said this service bulletin applies only to M2 units produced with a particular production lot of PCBs. Units can be shipped back to the factory for replacement of the potentially faulty board.
Day said users can check to see if their unit is affected. “If you have an M2.0, M2.1 or M2.2 with a serial number between D19987 and D20146, please remove the top cover and look at the revision level on the A2 PCB, the second PCB from the right of the unit, looking from the front of the M2,” Day stated. “If the A2 is revision E, the M2 can be returned to the factory for replacement of the A2 PCB. Please e-mail your serial number and contact information to us at [email protected] and we will issue an RA number and schedule your M2 for this A2 PCB replacement.”
Day told RW Online that the company also is extending warranty coverage for this particular component problem for the life of these M2 units; any future problem will be covered even if the unit warranty has expired.