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An evolving organization gets organized

The Digital Broadcasters Association says it has settled upon an organizational structure. Known previously as the Online Broadcasters Association, the group says it is seeking to define a rapidly changing industry and represent it.

That “industry” ranges from online radio and TV broadcasters to Web streamers and podcasters to video sharing networks and digital terrestrial broadcasters.

The agreed-upon organizational plan includes how the organization is set up and managed.

The DBA plans on being a broad-based organization rather than a narrow niched trade group. Managing Director and founder Jerry Garner said, “We understand that there are specific challenges to face, and we have a plan for how we will meet those challenges. The key is in the having a structure in place that can effectively manage these issues.”

Garner declined to list members when RW inquired but said he plans announcements as committees are formed. “At present, most of our attention has gone into committees for IPTV and online radio. We have three members confirmed in each, but would like to have a minimum of six in each before making any announcement.” He also cited “a strong degree” of interest from LPFM operators. “In addition to our internal committees, we are also reaching out to other trade associations about collaborating on projects where our interests may overlap.”