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DBmg and BFN Come Together

Dutch broadcasting companies combine resources to form dB mediagroep

On Sept. 1 broadcast service providers dBmg and BFN teamed up to create a new company: dB mediagroep — Dutch Broadcasters.

Both dBmg and BFN are household names in the Dutch broadcasting landscape. Launched in 1999, dBmg handled a large part of the technical servicing for public broadcaster Radio 1. Providing equipment, staff and mobile audio trucks for outdoor broadcasts, the firm also managed maintenance and operation of Radio 1’s own broadcast vans.

BFN is best known for its role as technical provider for Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Over the years BFN, which is also specialized in the live recording of operas and orchestral performances, has supplied technical staff to the public broadcaster.

Equipped with dedicated studios in Hilversum, BFN offers broadcasters facilities for recording radio shows, commercials and holding live events. “We have been fishing in the same pond for many years, without the fishing lines crossing each other,” said René Adama, general manager at BFN. “In dB Mediagroep, the two companies will complement each other. And, in the near future, we will hopefully welcome more players in the same niche, strengthening dB Mediagroep’s expertise and position.”

DB Mediagroep is also handling the distribution GML playout system packages, which are used by stations such as BNR, Omroep Flevoland, Omroep Gelderland and RTV Drenthe. The management team of dB Mediagroep includes Thijs Peters, technical department manager; Ronald Kanne, general manager; and René Adama, staff and planning manager.

— Marc Maes