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Decency Witnesses Set; Broadcast Flag Hearing Changed

Decency Witnesses Set; Broadcast Flag Hearing Changed

The Senate Commerce Committee has confirmed its witness list for the upcoming decency hearing scheduled for Jan. 19. Slated to testify are Jack Valenti, Motion Picture Association of America; Charlie Ergen, chairman and chief executive officer, EchoStar Communications; David Cohen, executive vice president, Comcast; Bruce Reese, Joint Board Chairman of NAB and the CEO of Bonneville International; Brent Bozell, president of Parents Television Council; Martin Franks, executive vice president of CBS; Alan Rosenberg, president, Screen Actors Guild; and Jeff McIntyre, legislative and federal affairs officer, Public Policy Office, American Psychological Association.
The committee has also moved up the broadcast and audio flag hearing to Jan. 24. Previously, it was scheduled for Jan. 31.