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Delaware LPFM Celebrates Its Launch

New low-power FM station WIZU is on the air in Newark, Del.

New low-power FM station WIZU is on the air in Newark, Del. They’ll throw a ceremonial switch next month — the governor is invited — but here we see the crew celebrating in their own informal way.

Radio Newark describes itself as a science radio station, targeting amateur and professional scientists, researchers, students, teachers, hobbyists and “those interested in the world around them.”

The LPFM broadcasts on 99.9 MHz and leases space from the University of Delaware’s Science, Technology and Advanced Research campus (though it’s not part of the university, which has its own longtime FM station). It can also be found via the app, TuneIn,Shoutcast and iTunes.

This group has been meeting every Monday morning at 7 a.m. for the past two years working on the project.

From left, around the table: Ken Grant, Joe Tucker, Will Webber, Stephen Worden, Ken Chisholm, Dave Debski, Dave Lascko, and server Mariko.

Station Manager Steve Worden told Radio World, “We’re all holding ‘fish’ crackers from the ‘Daily Fish ‘n’ Chips Snack Pack’ that was included with our beautiful BW Broadcast TX50 V2 [transmitter]. Can you tell we’re having a good time?”

A recent 90-minute playlist is shown at right, from the station website.

Read more about Radio Newark in our 2015 eBook “LPFM on Fire” and in a 2017 story in the Newark Post.