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Delphi Eyeing HD

Delphi Eyeing HD

Delphi Automotive Systems is showing a prototype HD Radio at CES mounted in the dash of an SUV.
Although Delco is waiting for an auto company to give it the go-ahead for HD Radio production, a spokesman told Radio World on the show floor it could make its HD Radios available to auto companies in time for model year 2004. Those autos would be in dealerships this fall.
Delphi makes OEM radios for both Sirius and XM Satellite Radio. Delphi is working with Sirius and XM on interoperable radios, still in development.
Delphi satellite radio antenna subcontractor Fuba is developing antennas that combine functions, so ultimately the same auto antenna could be used for satellite radio, GPS and cell phone. This would eliminate the need for the second antenna currently needed for satellite radio.