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Delphi Introduces XM Portables

Delphi Introduces XM Portables

Delphi and XM Satellite Radio unveiled a plug and play satellite radio. The Delphi XM SKYFi Radio, along with vehicle and home accessory kits, will be available at retailers in October. SKYFi will list for $129.99 for the receiver and remote control. A required home or vehicle kit for $69.99 will complete the system.
Delphi and XM have also introduced the Delphi XM SKYFi Audio System, a portable audio unit that integrates with the SKYFi receiver. The audio system (excluding the receiver) will be sold at retail stores later this year for $99.99.
The system is a “boombox” that contains a pair of speakers with an integrated high gain antenna and a dock for the receiver. It can be powered by an A/C adaptor to create a countertop/bookshelf XM system for the home or office,
or used with batteries.
Robert Acker, vice president, product marketing and strategy for XM Satellite Radio, said the Delphi radios offer: portability, a large display, direct channel entry, the ability to preview and search XM channels by artists and song titles, and 20 channel presets.