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Delphi’s XM Receivers Certified

Delphi’s XM Receivers Certified

Delphi Automotive Systems says it is the first manufacturer to meet the standards and requirements to receive type certification as required by XM Satellite Radio to build OEM receivers for the company. Delphi Delco Electronics Systems has received approval to proceed with its design for the commercial production of receivers capable of receiving the new satellite radio service.
Delphi will begin building XM receivers beginning in Q4 of this year for 2002 model vehicles. Delphi announced its agreement to build receivers capable of receiving the XM signal in 1999 before it won a contract to build receivers for GM.
Type certification involves receiver testing to meet predetermined requirements that guarantee high quality station reception and audio quality over the wide variety of listening conditions drivers encounter in a vehicle. The testing includes parametric lab measurements as well as actual field-testing in vehicles.