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Dems Push for Tomlinson Ouster from BBG

Dems Push for Tomlinson Ouster from BBG

Some Democrats in Congress are pushing the White House to remove Ken Tomlinson from his role as chairman of the Broadcasting Board of Governors, the group that oversees U.S. broadcasters abroad such as Radio Free Europe and Voice of America.
That’s after a summary of a report from the State Department that alleges Tomlinson abused his position by hiring a friend, making employees do his personal errands and running his horse stables on government time.
Tomlinson was also chairman of the CPB board until last fall when a report by the CPB Inspector General found Tomlinson tried to make noncom programming conservative.
In a statement, Tomlinson said he believes the probe was sparked by partisan divisions within the BBG. As for the stables charge, he said he spent time working for the government from both his home and stables, according to numerous accounts.
A congressional committee that oversees the BBG asked for the investigation after a whistleblower stepped forward.
The U.S. Attorney’s office reviewed the case and determined that a criminal investigation is not warranted, however it said a civil investigation is pending related to the allegation that Tomlinson hired a friend.