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Denmark Adjusts FM Switch-Off Plan

Decision of when to shut down FM will be made when 50 percent of radio listening is digital

Denmark’s plan to shut down all FM band’s by 2019 has changed, according to a release published on the Danish Ministry of Culture website.

The country’s Minister of Culture, Marianne Jelved, and media rapporteurs from all parties have come to terms on a supplementary agreement that will allow for Denmark to make the decision of when to turn off all FM bands once digital radio listening has reached 50 percent.

“An FM [switch] off is inevitable – but we need listeners. The question is when it will happen,” said Jelved. “I hope that the amendment may push the development so that more and more people choose to listen to radio digitally, as the exciting new radio channels sprout to the delight of listeners.”

According to the Danish Agency of Culture, the current total of listeners of digital radio is 26 percent.

It was also agreed to initiate a study on listening behavior and technological progress, to continue the qualification of media policy decision in regards to radio.

There is a desire among politicians that more DAB+ channels are launched. Current media agreements set out a plan to add both regional and national commercial radio stations over the next few years. The transition to DAB+ is also in place, with all DAB channels being converted to DAB+ by late 2016.