Denmark to Up DAB Signal Coverage From 80% to 100%

Denmark to Up DAB Signal Coverage From 80% to 100%
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Denmark hopes to become the first country in Europe with 100% DAB digital radio coverage this October, just one year after public broadcaster Danmarks Radio launched its range of DAB services. This means potential listeners may choose analog or digital radio in Denmark, which has a flat terrain, so just 33 transmitters can cover the entire country, said the World DAB Forum, which promotes the Eureka-147 DAB technology.
Eureka-147 proponents said the Danish experience was a text book example for other countries to follow. "Denmark has shown what can be achieved with the right blend of resources, content and technical skills - it's a fantastic result," said Annika Nyberg, President of The World DAB Forum. A year ago, Denmark was 80% covered by a digital signal.


Delivering Signals to the DAB Transmitter

In early 1999, CHUM radio was granted DAB licenses for its two stations, CFUN(AM) and CHQM(FM), in Vancouver. The two signals had to be delivered from the studios in Vancouver to the CBC transmitter site on Mount Seymour in North Vancouver.