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Denver Talk Station Fails

Denver Talk Station Fails

Here’s an update to an earlier story in Radio World:
According to the Denver Post, the talk format of KNRC(AM) in Denver has gone silent after a two-year effort to find a foothold in that market. CEO Tim Brown of NRC Broadcasting was quoted as saying he was “fiercely proud” of the product but that 22 people were now being let go.
In 2002, NRC spent $3.1 million to move the station from 1510 to 1150 kHz. Among the investors backing NRC was financier Philip Anschutz, Brown’s father-in-law, the Post reported. The company owns other stations including nine in mountain resort markets.
“With expenses 10 times that of a music format, KNRC bled $7.5 million over the past two years,” Brown was quoted as saying.