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Details of Arbitron’s ‘Enhanced Recruiting’

A minority leadership council is part of its plans

Enhanced recruiting will begin in July under the settlement announced this week between Arbitron and the PPM Coalition.

“The initiatives include the addition of targeted in-person recruitment to Arbitron’s multi-faceted PPM panelist recruitment approach that currently includes mailings and phone calls,” the company and coalition announced.

“In-person recruitment benefits all broadcasters as it targets population segments that are more likely to be reachable only by cell phone — including youth and minorities. Arbitron will also use address-based sampling to select landline households to further improve geographic proportionality.”

They said enhanced recruitment begins with targeted in-person recruiting, initially in high-density black and Hispanic areas, to be done in the top 25 PPM markets by the end of the year. By the end of 2011, Arbitron hopes to ahve address-based sampling in place and to have added targeted in-person recruiting across all its PPM markets.

Arbitron listed more steps it plans to “help support minority and all broadcasters,” some of these previously announced, including the launch of an engagement metric; increasing PPM sample size for people 18–54 by 10 percent by mid-2011; forming a minority leadership council; and expanding its initiatives directed toward advertiser outreach for minority radio.