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Details of Olympic Gear Revealed

Details of Olympic Gear Revealed

AEQ has released details about the broadcast gear it provided for the recent Winter Olympics.
“The entire commentary chain from venue to participating broadcaster was achieved using AEQ products,” according to a company statement.
At the 13 venues, 450 AEQ Commentary Units were used. Audio was fed to the International Broadcasting Center using 50 pairs of Ranger Mulitplexers. Each allowed 14 to 62 two-way audio signals to be sent through E1 or T1 circuits.
The IBC was home to an AEQ commentary switching center, including approximately 100 patch panels, audio distribution amplifiers, intercoms, line identifiers and other gear, much of it by AEQ. From there, signals were controlled and rerouted among the venues, temporary studios and via cable or satellite to each country.
Also at the IBC was a new switching center for the European Broadcasting Union, which replaced an old system in service since 1976.