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Details of Retailer Announcement

Details of Retailer Announcement

Tweeter is carrying HD Digital Radios in all of its markets, supported by online information for consumers, in-store signage and point-of-purchase displays and special training for salespeople, the alliance says. The retailer will also launch an advertising campaign featuring a Tweeter spokesperson to raise awareness among consumers.
A company official said the retailer has seen consumer awareness and interest in HD Radios increase in the past 30 days.
Crutchfield will carry more models of HD Radios in its catalog and online site and include dedicated assistance for Spanish-language customers and salesperson training.
Specifically, the companies are rolling out in-store and online education to help customers, comprehensive staff training, in-store and point-of-purchase marketing, Spanish-language versions of marketing and advertising, and customized commercials running on some 260+ alliance member radio stations.
ABC Warehouse will carry HD radio products in multiple markets, as well as add on-line information and store listening stations; its customized ads are running in the Detroit market.
The commercials for all three retailers started Monday; you can hear a sample.