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Detweiler, Dorrough to Speak at Klotz Event

Detweiler, Dorrough to Speak at Klotz Event

Jeff Detweiler, Broadcast Technology Manager for Ibiquity Digital Corp., will host a discussion on IBOC implementation and technology on Dec. 5 during Klotz Digital’s road showcase. As Broadcast Technology Manager for Ibiquity, Detweiler manages the introduction and launch of IBOC technology to radio stations worldwide, coordinating conversion requirements for stations, including building conversion packages with transmission equipment manufacturers. Additionally, he sits on the Advisory Rollout Board and manages the technical aspects of Ibiquity’s Early Adopter Station Enhancement program, which provides free station assessments for digital upgrades.
Also, Mike Dorrough, the father of tri-band audio processing, will discuss his proposed new modulation technique that he says would permit 200% sinusoidal modulation of an AM carrier, potentially providing stations up to 6 dB more loudness and extended coverage range for AM . This increase, according to Dorrough, would be not at the expense of existing allocation schemes, nor would it require an increase in carrier power. (See the Nov. 20 issue of Radio World for more on this topic.)
Klotz Digital America and Graham Patten Systems sponsor the road showcase in cooperation with Dallas, Ft. Worth SBE Chapter 67. The show is at the Sterling Hotel Dallas (Former Ramada Plaza), 1055 Regal Row.
Exhibitors include Telos/Omnia, Netia, Radio Systems, Aphex, Moseley, ENCO, Henry, Marti, and ERI.
Please RSVP to Dave Burns at:[email protected]. For more information, see