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DGital Media Forms to Create, Distribute Spoken Word Audio

Doing branded network with Re/code

Tech executives and writers have formed a company to create and distribute spoken word audio. Called DGital Media, the audio engagement company will partner with media brands.

Former co-CEOs at Dial Global/Westwood One, Spencer Brown and David Landau, have partnered with venture capitalist Michael Rolnick, on the new company, whose first venture will be to create the Re/code Radio network in partnership with Revere Digital. Tech journalists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher are behind the Re/code tech news, reviews and analysis websites.

Swisher will host the podcast “Re/code Decode,” beginning in June; it’s slated to be the first program for the Re/code Radio network.

DGital Media Co-founder David Landau says partnering with the Re/code brand amplifies media brands through audio. His partner Spencer Brown explains that means “expanding its brand footprint, attracting new audiences and new revenue opportunities.”

Also joining the company as chief content officer is Chris Corcoran, former EVP for Content and Dial Global/Westwood One, and as executive vice president for Sales and Strategy, Grace Carrick, formerly vice president of Sales at Dial Global/Westwood One.

Meanwhile, Vox Media is buying Re/code, reports the New York Times, which adds that Re/code will become part of Vox’s expanding digital empire, which includes sports site SB Nation and technology site The Verge.