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Dice Develops Tabletop HD-R

Another tabletop is entering the HD-R market.

Another tabletop is entering the HD-R market.

Dice Electronics, which developed one of the first HD Radio car converters, is taking orders for its first HD-R tabletop, the iTR-100.

The unit lists for $199, is multicast-capable and features an auxiliary input and alarm clock. The iTR-100 comes with an AM loop antenna as well as an FM dipole antenna that can be disconnected. An additional, add-on speaker is listed at just under $50.

This bit from the Web site worries me a little: “A roof-top antenna (not included) can be attached to enhance reception of distant stations, if desired.”

Let’s hope the average listener doesn’t need the rooftop antenna.

The company expects the radio to ship this month.