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Dick Clark Passes Away

Ever-young host passes into legend

Possibly the most famous man for whom the term “Fountain of Youth” seemed to have been invented passed away at age 82. According to news reports Dick Clark had a heart attack.

Clark, closely associated with rock’n roll and radio through his early broadcast work and his syndicated “American Bandstand,” was a familiar face to generations of Americans.

Clark got his radio start in the early 1950s in the Philadelphia area. In 1956 he took over the local “Bandstand” TV dance program, and the rest is history. ABC began to syndicate the show not long afterwards and Clark’s cherubic face, pleasant voice and demeanor made the show a wild success; creating and army of imitators.

Clark also was a successful TV show producer (e.g. “Dick Clark’s Rockin’ Eve” and “$10,000 Pyramid”).

He had a stroke in 2004 and had developed other medical complications. News reports of his death indicated that a heart attack had taken place, possibly related to a medical procedure.