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Dielectric Details WHUR Combiner

Dielectric Details WHUR Combiner

Howard University-owned WHUR(FM), Washington, was the first commercial radio station in the nation’s capital to convert to HD Radio.
Dielectric is providing details about its design and installation of digital transmission gear for WHUR(FM) in Washington, owned by Howard University – details we reported in the March 1 issue of Radio World. The supplier said the project includes conversion to a multiplexed Dielectric DCBR Cavity Backed Radiator panel antenna and combiner.
It is the first application of a Dielectric constant-impedance combiner in an HD Radio application.
“The combiner permits three Washington-market stations to share the improved coverage benefits of the panel antenna as they broadcast from a common tower location,” it stated. Also using the system are Clear Channel’s WASH(FM) and ABC/Disney’s WRQX(FM).
WHUR transmits in IBOC using low-level combining. The combined analog/HD signal is fed into the constant impedance combiner, where it joins the two other FM signals and is fed to the antenna.
This is the first low-level combined HD signal that is passed through a Dielectric combiner and into a common antenna, the company said.