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Dielectric Emphasizes HD Radio at NAB

Dielectric Emphasizes HD Radio at NAB

Dielectric has several products it plans to introduce at NAB2005, two specifically for HD Radio: a combiner and an FM antenna.
The HD Plus Antenna achieves a level of analog and digital signal isolation necessary for IBOC broadcasts without the isolator that the company says is required by the majority of separate antenna systems.
The HD Plus antenna can be integrated alongside existing analog FM antennas, allowing the station to continue its analog broadcast while also adding a digital broadcast of the same signal at the same frequency.
Dielectric will also show the HDR Dibrid Combiner, previously reported on RW Online. Dielectric says the product facilitates IBOC broadcasts that combine analog and dual sideband digital signals. Because the Dibrid does not use switches, it permits “hot switching” that keeps broadcasters on the air as functions are changed, according to the company.
Also new from Dielectric: a line of antennas for the 700-MHz spectrum, a low-power broadband (470 to 860 MHz) UHF omni-directional antenna, a low-power FM constant impedance filter and a mid- power panel antenna.