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Dielectric Has ‘Hot-Switchable’ IBOC Combiner

Dielectric Has 'Hot-Switchable' IBOC Combiner

Dielectric Communications is promoting a new “HDR Dibrid,” intended to help stations converting to IBOC.
HDR Dibrid is a trademarked name for a combiner that does not use switches; the company says it permits “hot switching” that keeps broadcasters on the air as functions are changed. Another benefit, it said, is longer component life.
“Prior to the introduction of our Dibrid, radio stations had to use fixed combiners and a number of switches to provide HD Radio broadcasts,” said John Chapman, VP and GM of Dielectric broadcast products. He called that an “inflexible solution” that required the broadcaster to go off the air to change functions.
The unit comes as a stand-alone with two inputs and two outputs.
“Depending on the function, one transmitter or a combination of the two can be connected to the combiner’s inputs, while one output is attached to an antenna and the other to a station dummy load.” Transmission modes can be set up to direct the analog transmitter, digital transmitter or a combination in various ratios to the antenna, with the residual power directed to the station load. The unit also has on-board control for local or remote operation.
Chapman said the company is using “conventional components from existing military technology” to provide broadcasters with a more versatile way to change functions without interrupting service.