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Dielectric Is Part of Effort to Develop Design for Rural Wireless Broadband Access

Maine Wireless Communication Laboratory to open by end of this year

Dielectric Communications has a grant in hand to develop a wireless communication laboratory at the University of Maine.

The grant is for $2.2 million and comes from the Maine Technology Institute, a nonprofit created by the state of Maine that funds technology R&D. “The novelty of this collaborative project is in the development of enhanced design, testing and fabrication of complex wireless systems with 10 times the coverage provided by existing technology,” the organizations stated. “This improvement in coverage allows a substantial reduction in the number of cell towers needed” as well as energy savings.

Dielectric, which broadcasters know for its antenna line, will work with the university to expand its wireless technology platform to new applications. One goal is to develop a more cost-effective method of delivering wireless broadband services to fixed and mobile users in rural Maine. The participants say what they learn can then be applied in other rural areas.

Company President Garrett VanAtta stated in the announcement that Dielectric hopes the lab will evolve into a “global center for wireless innovation.” The lab will be part of the university’s Electrical and Computer Engineering Department.