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Dielectric Opening New Manufacturing Center

Built in response to growing spectrum repack business

Antenna and RF support equipment maker Dielectric is expanding its operations with the construction of a new manufacturing facility in Lewiston, Maine. Built to accommodate the company’s growing spectrum repack business, the 33,000-square-foot facility is located 25 miles north of Dielectric’s headquarters and will serve as the producer of all UHF main and auxiliary TV antennas.

Lewiston facility

Manufacturing Manager Mike Spugnardi will oversee the new facility that will employ 50 people, including new hires from the Lewiston area and long-time Dielectric employees that will work across both of the company’s facilities.

Keith Pelletier, vice president and general manager at Dielectric, said the new facility represents the final phase of the company’s three-year long preparation for the repack. Pelletier expects that between the two facilities, Dielectric could produce more than 1,300 antennas during the repack.

Production work on UHF antennas will begin in Q4 2017 with the first shipments expected to go out the following quarter. The Raymond facility will remain the company’s headquarters and continue to produce all VHF and FM radio antennas, as well as the company’s RF systems, including filters and combiners, components and transmission line.

For more information on the repack, visit TV Technology’s repack silo.

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