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Dielectric Plays Up SPX

Company will switch names but keep the brand alive

Antenna maker Dielectric Communications will operate in the future under the name SPX Communication Technology, though “Dielectric” will continue as the product name for its broadcast antennas, transmission line and other offerings.

According to the announcement, the Dielectric name also will be used for additional related products and expansion into new geographic markets.

“The new name is intended to reflect more accurately the company’s expanding focus on developing and marketing a broader spectrum of global communication technologies and solutions, and it underscores the company’s close strategic alignment with its parent company, SPX,” it stated. SPX acquired Dielectric in 1998.

SPX Communication Technology President Garrett VanAtta called Dielectric “one of the most established and respected brands in the broadcasting industry. … Under the SPX Communication Technology name, we will continue to operate from our Maine headquarters with the same talented pool of engineers and customer support staff responsible for our broadcast transmission products.”

Read about the history of Dielectric and its founder, Charles “Doc” Brown, here.