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Dielectric Software Update Helps With RFR Compliance

Dielectric Software Update Helps With RFR Compliance

Dielectric is offering a new version of its antenna system planning software, DASP 5.0. It includes elevation patterns for Dielectric FM DCR series antennas.
“Of particular interest for broadcasters concerned with RFR compliance, this software includes a selection of special bay spacings designed for minimum downward radiation,” the company stated.
Several output formats are available, including PDF for filling FCC applications, as well as V-Soft, EDX and Radiosoft-compatible formats.
DASP 5.0 includes a system summary tool. After selecting an antenna type, elevation and azimuth pattern, the system summary tool provides pull-down menus for selection of standard transmission line types and calculates the transmitter output power requirement.
DASP 5.0 is a free download available on Dielectric’s Web site.