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Dielectric Touts Antennas, Filters

Dielectric Touts Antennas, Filters

Dielectric is out with the FMVee, an arrow-head dipole line of antennas suited for high-power FM stations that need the advantages of top mounting and combined station operation.
Its 20-MHz bandwidth can achieve uniform azimuth pattern circularity for multistation operations. This is achieved through the use of broadband radiating elements in conjunction with high-power element hybrids. The design of the antenna provides precise control of the elevation pattern.
The Opto-SXFM can combine the outputs of two transmitters with 35-kW power levels to reach a total output of 70 kW. It allows switching between transmitters under power, eliminating the need to power down for switching. It does so using a non-contacting coaxial phase shifter design and provides three operating modes. Extra switch contacts at each position can be used for transmitter readback. The unit is IBOC-ready
The company’s line of high-power band-pass and band-stop filters can be customized. The newest versions are 40 percent smaller than previous filters and have low insertion loss. Units with >30-dB suppression at 800 kHz are available. The filters also isolate transmitters of collocated stations and can be used to combine multiple frequencies in a common antenna.