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Digigram Debuts ‘Little Sister’ Sound Card

LX1616ES EtherSound PCI card has broadcast, live sound applications.

Digigram has the new LX1616ES PCI network sound card with DirectSound and ASIO drivers.

It is a “little sister” to the LX6464ES card, which can exchange 64 channels from and 64 channels to an EtherSound network. The LX1616ES can transmit and receive up to 16 EtherSound channels, connecting computer-based audio applications to a 100 Mbps EtherSound network via a Cat-5 cable.

It can be upgraded on the fly from a 16/16 channel count to 32/32, 48/48 up to 64/64 through simple firmware updates.

The company says the new card has various applications: multichannel audio delivery and distribution via Ethernet in broadcast installations; logging or surveillance; and in a live production or recording environment, with a PC and an EtherSound-enabled digital mixing console, to create a cost-effective multitrack recorder.