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Digigram Launches New EtherSound Products

Digigram Launches New EtherSound Products

The Digigram ES8mic and ES2out are the latest on the company’s EtherSound product line; a demonstration at AES showed off the bi-directional capabilities of EtherSound.
The current version of the Digigram EtherSound protocol offers unidirectional audio distribution between more than 60,000 devices using standard Ethernet switches and CAT5 cabling. Bi-directional EtherSound will permit the creation of a virtual bus where a maximum of 64 channels of 24-bit/48 kHz audio is available for inputs and outputs of all connected devices, both upstream and downstream from the source.
The ES8mic features eight built-in mic preamps and permits the insertion of up to eight microphone or line level analog audio signals into an EtherSound network. For more information, go to