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Digigram Offers White Paper

Digigram Offers White Paper

Digigram’s white paper, “Digitalization of Radio Broadcasting – The Next Step” is available at the company’s Web site. The report includes an introduction to Digigram’s eXaudi IP audio streaming, processing and routing system. The company presented the paper at IBC 2004 in Amsterdam.
“With eXaudi, Digigram introduces a network-centric approach to integrating multiple applications, which currently are already digitalized but show only little operational interoperability. Some of these ‘digital islands’ are radio automation, STLs, logging, monitoring, content sharing or program localization,” said the managing director for the company.
“This approach is particularly interesting for big broadcasters and their suppliers, which operate nationwide networks and therefore need to manage interactions between programs, localize programming and advertising and manage remote transmitters.”
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