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Digigram Releases Version Two of Its LCM220 Sound Card

Digigram Releases Version Two of Its LCM220 Sound Card

Digigram said it has upgraded and replaced its LCM220 sound card, debuting its LCM220v2 with 2/2 balanced analog I/Os at the AES Europe show in Berlin.
The board is targeted at broadcast automation, permanent playback, logging and other professional audio uses.
The company says LCM220v2 features more functions such as simultaneous and independent record and playback capabilities, in addition to real-time simultaneous MPEG Layer I and Layer II compression and decompression during record and playback.
Highlights include 24-bit converters, analog and digital level control on the outputs and a short-length PCI format (6.875 inches). A universal PCI bus (5V, 5V + 3.3V or 3.3V) and PCI-X bus compatibility are featured. The LCM220v2 is compliant with Digigram’s PC codec mp3.
When used with applications based on the Digigram np SDK, real-time mixing of multiple sound files, level adjustment, panning and format and frequency conversions are executed by the card’s DSP technology.