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Digigram Signs Up as an Axia Partner

Also, Fraunhofer integrates Livewire standard into ContentServer

Digigram, which makes sound cards and digital audio network devices, has become an Axia Audio partner.

Clients with Axia Livewire and Digigram Visiblu-based products or software solutions will be able to interface both systems directly.

Visiblu is a network audio operating system used by Digigram development partners to develop radio automation solutions with IP audio management, the companies said. Visiblu-enabled solutions provide audio and data routing, encoding and processing across wide area networks using standards-based protocols.

Philippe Delacroix of Digigram said connectivity to Axia Livewire networks will benefit Visiblu-based products marketed by Digigram, typically the IQOYA line of IP audio devices, and Visiblu-based radio automation systems developed by Digigram’s development partners. “This new feature will immediately complement existing Visiblu IP audio capabilities to/from web radios (Shoutcast, WMA/MMS), VoIP and other EBU N/ACIP interoperable devices.”

Axia separately is noting the inclusion of native Livewire support in the Fraunhofer line of ContentServer broadcast products.

The company said it now has two dozen Axia Partners offering hardware and software products compatible with its system.