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Digigram XIP882 Integrates Automation, IP Distribution

Digigram XIP882 Integrates Automation, IP Distribution

Digigram says its new XIP882 combines functions of four traditional product categories: IP streaming client/servers; audio processors; routers; and codecs.
The XIP882 integrates radio automation and IP audio distribution, and uses eXaudi IP streaming, processing and routing technology.
The company says eXaudi streamlines the air chain by allowing integration of automation applications and audio transport over IP networks within a scalable system. The company calls it an “enabling technology device,” meaning it delivers its benefits when it’s integrated into broader systems developed by third-party vendors like pro audio manufacturers.
XIP882 has eight audio I/O in analog and digital formats. An embedded matrix provides routing capabilities from any input to any output, including physical, file or network IP stream. XIP882 also performs audio processing functions inherited from Digigram’s line of PCX sound cards, such as mixing, time stretching or EQ, which can be inserted at any point of the signal chain.
Digigram described the underlying network-centric approach of radio infrastructure in a white paper, “Digitalization of Radio Broadcasting – The Next Step,” available for download at the Digigram Web site.