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Digimedia Renews Automation Patent License Campaign

FHH says the company claims USTPO has ‘rethought’ some earlier claim rejections

The successor to Mission Abstract Data, Digimedia, has sent out another round of letters to stations urging them to sign licensing agreements for specific automation technology.

That’s according to attorneys at Fletcher Heald & Hildreth on its blog.

We’ve reported the company, which FHH refers to as a “patent troll,” claims to be the patent holder of automated programming systems.

While Digimedia appealed a decision by the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office which said the company didn’t hold the patents, FHH says there’s a new development. According to cover letters being sent to stations now, MAD claims the USTPO has rethought its action from last fall when it rejected many of MAD’s patent claims. MAD now says several of its claims have been reinstated, according to FHH.

FHH advises stations that if you’ve ignored MAD’s letters so far, don’t ignore them now and seek legal help.