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Digital Alert Systems Issues Precautionary EAS Service Bulletin

DASDEC users are encouraged to check their alert queues; here’s what to do

EAS equipment manufacturer Digital Alert Systems and its parent company Monroe Electronics have issued a field service bulletin for users to make sure that a bogus presidential alert is not “stuck in queue” after the recent Bobby Bones snafu.

As we’ve reported, the time stamp “string” used by the EAS system does not contain a year. The company issued what it called a precautionary note to make sure the audio, which was taken from a 2011 national test and dated Nov. 9, will not retransmit when the date rolls around again.

Ed Czarnecki, the company’s senior director of strategic development & global government affairs, wrote, “In an abundance of caution, we are issuing the following information so DASDEC users can check whether an EAN alert might possibly be stuck in queue, and very simply cancel a queued alert. This primarily applies to those users that are running v2.5 or earlier, and were monitoring a source with that syndicated programming that had the bogus EAN.”

It is advising users to examine their alert queues for pending alerts; and it lays out steps to remove the false alert if present. Cancelled events will remain in the event log as a received EAS, however it will no longer automatically transmit.

Here are the steps to cancel a queued event as provided by the manufacturer:

1. Log in to the DASDEC using the standard web browser. Use an account with “Admin” user rights.
2. Go to Decoder > All Alerts. If the device received the unauthorized EAN transmission, you will see the EAN in the log.
3. There should be two entries in this log – the top is the decoded event and the second is the forwarded event queued for transmission.
4. Click the “Cancel” button on that second entry to remove the event that would be forwarded.
5. The screen will refresh with the forwarded event now removed.
6. Changes are effective immediately and the alert is removed.

Read the full field service bulletin (PDF)

For questions contact the company.

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