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Digital Alert Systems Unveils EAS e-Learning Tool

Designed to help broadcasters prep for national test

Monroe One-Net and Digital Alert Systems DASDEC emergency alert system users who have upgraded to version 3.0 software now have access to two new resources. The first is the V3 Online Tutorial, which is designed to educate users on the set-up, configuration and operation of One-Net and DASDEC devices. The second is a new application note for assisting users of proper configuration for the upcoming National Periodic Test.

DAS worked with CypherWorx to develop the V3 Online Tutorial. The e-learning tool features all V3 updates to both the One-Net and DASDEC and is available for free on both Monroe and DAS websites.

“The National Geocode and NPT Configuration for One-Net or DASDEC” application note provides info on the proper configuration of EAS devices for receiving IPAWS alert messages based on the Common Alerting Protocol. This application is also available on both the Monroe and DAS websites and can be used by those who have not upgraded to version 3.0 software.

The National Periodic Test is scheduled to take place Sept. 28 at 2:20 p.m. ET.

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