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Digital Alliance Moves to Shift Public From ‘Awareness’ to ‘Purchase’

Gone is “HD Radio — Discover It!” In its place is: “HD Radio — It’s Time to Upgrade!”

The HD Digital Radio Alliance is shifting its campaign focus to get consumers to buy HD Radios.

Gone is “HD Radio — Discover It!” In its place is: “HD Radio — It’s Time to Upgrade!”

New messaging, logos and radio ads begin Monday in a campaign airing in 100 markets on about 700 stations.

Consumer awareness of HD Radio stands at 77%, according to a survey of radio listeners from Critical Mass Media, says the alliance, which adds that in a separate study of current or likely auto buyers by J.D. Power, 31% said they want HD Radio in their next vehicle.

Now is the time to convert consumer awareness into purchasing action, said alliance President/CEO Peter Ferrara, who added that while the alliance members feel good about where HD Radio stands, it’s not great. “We want to make it great.”

He said the industry will see “unparalleled numbers of receivers in cars and at retail, new data applications and new investments in HD2 and HD3 programming from broadcasters.”

Also available is an expanded marketing resource package for broadcasters on Alliance EVP Diane Warren said that while the group provided a lot of support advertising materials in the past, “stations weren’t ready to use them. We’ve updated those.”

The ideas came out of an industry collaboration in March in Orlando for broadcasters and industry executives preparing the second generation of HD2 programming.